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I am a marine ecologist, expedition leader and naturalist guide working in Earth’s most spectacular marine ecosystems.  I write and present on marine and polar wildlife, global-scale ecology, human ecological footprint and climate change.  Research has included everything from Omani coral reefs to Antarctic copepods, crabs, leopard seals, colossal squid and krill to offshore fisheries worldwide.


After two years with British Antarctic Survey on South Georgia, I've spent my southern summers shipboard in the Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Sea, and most northern summers all around the High Arctic and north Atlantic and Pacific islands, and have led and guided expeditions across the Pacific and through Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, the Solomons and Vanuatu, and across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  As of mid 2022 I've logged over 470,000 sea miles on 3470 days at sea, including 273 expedition voyages.


I've been invited to give presentations on marine life and climate change to audiences all over the world, including student groups at the Turks and Caicos Marine Biology Centre, Saba's ‘Sea and Learn’ marine biology event, the Big Scuba Show in London, the Scottish Geographical Society, the British Society of Underwater Photographers and several dive clubs.  I have run successful and well-received marine biology courses and workshops in London, Egypt and Indonesia.


Writing has been published in Life on an Ocean Planet, a major US high school marine science textbook and multimedia programme, in Geographical Expedition, BBC Wildlife, Ocean Geographic, Scuba Diving (USA), Sport Diving and Dive Log Australasia (Australia), Tauchen (Germany) Scuba and Diver magazines and The Underwater Channel in the UK.


Email me at info@jamiewatts.co.uk

Jamie Watts

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