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Marine life presentations

Entertaining, educational and inspiring presentations for your event, club or society night.  Please email me with an outline of your requirements to enquire about or book a presentation.  Examples of talks available include;


‘Leopards on ice – Antarctic diving and marine life’


‘Real giant alien monsters’.  The reality behind the giant squid and octopus and colossal squid legends, how big they really get, the incredible truth of the lives and ecology of cephalopods.  When and where to find the handful of species of giant predatory cephalopods.


‘Is the sky falling – Climate change in context’.  Concisely, digestibly and impartially, the science behind climate change in scales from tens of millions of years to decades.


‘Antarctic primer – The seas’ greatest feeding grounds’.  An overview of the Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Sea marine world.  Wildlife and scenery, the season, and how climate change is impacting the polar regions.


‘When and where – The world’s spectacular marine events’.  This talk has come out of years of detective work – trying to understand why the most spectacular marine animals appear when and where they do.  When and where to be to capture the most spectacular events in the marine world.

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