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Marine life and ecology articles and illustrations

A sample of my magazine and online articles on marine life, from magazines around the world. Click on the titles below (for my illustrations and photos click on link at bottom of page):


Big animals - Marine mammals, birds, reptiles and large sharks;

'White and blue' - Blue and oceanic whitetip - The open ocean sharks Diver UK Feb ‘16

'Humpback comeback' - Humpback whales  Ocean Geographic Aug '19

'Tiger Beach' - Tiger sharks Tauchen German Jan '16 with Damien Mauric

'Supercharged sea puppies' - Fur seals  Scuba UK  Nov '19 with Malcolm Nobbs

'Whiplash shark' - Thresher sharks  Diver UK Nov '17 with Malcolm Nobbs

'Mola mola' - Mola diversity  Scuba UK Jan '18

'Nobody's nurse' - Raggedtooth sharks  Diver UK Mar '18 with Malcolm Nobbs

'The deal with seals' - Seals, from greys to leopards to sealions Diver UK, Feb '12

'The boisterous seal' - The most extreme seal - the elephant seal  Ocean Geographic, Mar '09

'Ancient mariners' - Turtles Diver UK May '14

'Too slow for comfort' - Manatees and Dugongs Diver UK Jun '13 with Malcolm Nobbs



'Freeze thaw' - Antarctic and Arctic ecosystems Scuba UK Mar '18

'The river of krill' - Antarctica and Scotia Sea Ocean Geographic Mar '07

'Antarctica' - Expedition voyages to Antarctica Geographical UK Sep '16

'The Golden Triangle' - Galapagos, Cocos, Malpelo Scuba Diving US Jul '18 with Damien Mauric



'The mysterious pygmy pipehorse'  Divelog Australasia Mar '20 with Malcolm Nobbs

'Bluerings' - Blue ringed and blue lined octopuses Scuba UK Aug '18 with Malcolm Nobbs

'The Normal Sharks' - The diversity of 'regular' sharks with Malcolm Nobbs Diver UK Mar '17

'Sea Monsters' - Giant, Jumbo and Colossal squids Diver UK Mar '15

'Cool as a cuttlefish' - Flamboyant to british to giant cuttlefishes Diver UK Sep '14

'Seadragons' - The oddest and most spectacular of the seahorse group with Malcolm Nobbs

'Mesmerised in an Octopus' garden' - Octopuses Diver UK Dec '13 with David Hall and Malcolm Nobbs

'Smashers and spearers'  - The delightful and enigmatic Mantis Shrimps Diver Uk Jun '07

'Hangers-on, lumps and body-snatchers'  - Amazing marine parasites

Click on the following thumbnails for my illustrations of marine life (full album here) and albums of Antarctic, Arctic and marine photos 

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